"Meow out Loud" (other forms include "Meowing out loud", and "Meowed out loud"). (Verb) The act of an individual who is overwhelmed by either a joke, inside joke, or any other chuckling action, that can not contain their composure and literally "Meows out loud"
Ricky: Did you hear what happened to Chris at lunch today??

Bobby: No what???

Ricky: Someone cracked a joke at our table and he mol

Gary: Can talking to Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurnace?

Bob: Is the pope catholic?????

Gary: mol
by baseballstud11 October 27, 2010
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mwahahahaha out loud
A: Hey, guess what?
B: Did you finally get your brother back?
A: mol, yes. I tied him to the bed and applied copious amounts of sharpie onto his face.
by icingdeath November 24, 2010
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a better, naughtier and more perverted version of lol(laugh out loud).
mol means to "moan out loud".
mol-moan out loud
rofm-rolling on the floor moaning
mmao-moan my ass off
mmmfao-moan my mother f***ing ass off

you get the picture
by discusmeniscus December 8, 2006
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"So, what do you think of my new WOW sword?"
"Mol, WOW Is lame.."
by KG2B May 6, 2006
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A new unit of time. 1 mol equals to the average life expectancy of a special species of moth, which eats clothes.
I've spent 3 mols at the laboratory yesterday! Ages!
by scatter_heart March 17, 2010
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Means "Moo-Out-Loud". Another way of just laughing at something, but instead, you moo... out loud!
<Example A> d00d I am not kewl
<M-C Digm> MOL!
by Paradigm April 10, 2005
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when something is very good, cool or featch
My friend C lad says this club is really mol be on mondays.
We had a big mol be stacking last night.
by maryjizzle February 14, 2008
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