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totally brainwashed mormon
Brian likes red bull, but he won't drink coffee what a TBM.
by bjergen September 28, 2011

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Chaotic, worthless leadership. Often occurring in less desirable environments in which power-hungry idiots assume positions of leadership.
I think we'd all be better off without Bill's leadershit. He's a raging idiot. Hour for hour, he makes less than he did when scrubbed toilets. Now he gets off on telling us what to do. Pass the plunger.
by bjergen February 26, 2007

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The act of stealthily hitting a person in the back of the knee, causing the joint too rapidly unlock, sending them to the ground.
There I was, picking up on Amy, when that rat-bastard Richard came and durged me. I had been holding a fart in the chamber, but as I applied effort to keep myself from falling, I blasted an embarassing toot. Needless to say, my conversation with Amy was over.
by bjergen August 14, 2006

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when you blow your nose on a piece of tissue and then wipe your ass with the same tissue.
Devon was running low on cash, so when he had diarrhea during allergy season, he had to value-wipe to get by.
by bjergen August 11, 2006

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A quality of manufacturing used by companies who would like their products to break within a short period of time, in order to sustain their sales. Common in DVD players, kitchen appliances, etc.
Is Devon an idiot? Apex put their finest craftsmanshit into that DVD player, and when it broke, he bought the same one!
by bjergen March 20, 2007

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The leftover microscopic particles of feces left in the threads of bed sheets, seat cushions, and clothing as a result of flatus being filtered through them.
The threads from Mr. Belvedere's car seats emitted a repugnant funk. Little did he know, the source of it was his own unrelenting flatus. His fart resin lingered in the deepest darkest threads of the upholstery of his Ford Taurus, further damaging the resale value.
by Bjergen April 16, 2007

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In order to perform in gentleman style, a man must be wearing a top hat and a Mr. Peanut mono-lens eyeglass. In addition, he must perform his thrusts with his fists on his hips, and say "oh dear" when he has an orgasm.
Peter North knows nothing of gentleman style.
by bjergen May 08, 2007

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