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Too Busy Laughing- a cooler substitute to lol
mauri:What did the butcher say when introducing his wife?....Meet Patty
tami: TBL
by asdftami December 23, 2010
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The short-handed version of "The Bread Line". They are a YouTube channel who plays a lot of indie games and provides many people with entertainment.
Person 1: Did you see TBL'S new video?
Person 2: The third part of The White Chick Chronicles? Yeah, it was hilarious!
by WarBrd December 29, 2015
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TBL is an abbreviated version of "the bum lord" bum lords are fat fucking slobs who finger there asses
"mate did you see simmons last night ? he is TBL"
by Davydenko March 03, 2009
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True Bentley Lad. A fine group of famous musketeers renowed for boozing hard where ever their feet may stand. If you wish to take part in this natural phenomenon you would have to take in a series of challenges in order to over come the initiation stage and become a full on tbl.
The TBL chant can be heard from miles around. TBL TBL TBL TBL TBL TBL!!!!!
by Tblinitiator January 06, 2013
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The lines made on a t-shirt between a girls breasts.
TBL stands for T-shirt boob lines.
'Dude, check out that girl's TBL

Woah, she has amazing TBL'

'You know they're good boobs when there's TBL'
by TBLQueen February 16, 2014
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short for tail between legs.
What you say when you say something stupid and feel bad about it. Like when a dog puts his tail between his legs when he feels bad.
Johnnyboi134: i like seeing ur undies, can i see them now
johhy'sgurl452: no u perv ur sick
*johhy'sgurl452 is away*
Johnnyboi134: tbl im sorry
*johhy'sgurl452 has returned from away*
by sumguywholearnedthehardway April 16, 2006
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third base lips ... a sexy pair of thick lips
yo dat bitch got some tbl's ...them tbl's was on mah dick last night... she got them T.B.L. on her face
by goldenchild14 November 23, 2011
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