That Be Epic, a phrase commonly used by black midi frontman Geordie Greep.
Person 1: did you hear? bedtime for bozos is coming in 6 weeks!
Person 2: TBE!
by fuhhreakk April 13, 2022
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. aka Floyd "Money" Mayweather aka TBE
by RobLowe January 5, 2015
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TBE is an acronym for THE BEST EVER. It symbolizes a level of commitment to hard work and dedication second to none.
In F1 they call me TBE!
by QAZ84 March 10, 2016
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On internet forums, "To Be Edited." Often used in word games or role-playing. Kind of redundant unless a thread is especially populated.
((TBE guys I have to go get something to eat))
by The Muffin' Man August 5, 2008
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Person 1: Thanks for the capri-sun
Person 2: That boi just filled filled with air
Person 1: TBE
by Krisp Boi Kreme March 9, 2018
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“Toilet-Bowl-Effect” When someone is so drunk or stoned that when they’re standing up their body is swaying around in a circular motion and about to fall over.
Person 1 - Dude, we went out in Elkton last night and this redneck had TBE so bad he fell flat on his face and knocked out his last tooth!

Person 2 - That's an elkabilly for ya!
by choochoocachoo December 3, 2010
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TBE- when a homeless person gives you head for a low cost
Just got a fine TBE yesterday, for 15$!!!
by T~B~E January 22, 2020
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