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Turbo Back Exhaust - all exhaust components from the turbocharger back to the muffler tips
"Your best bet is to get a TBE, not just a catback; unless you wanna be a hack"
by Scaffmaster May 12, 2006
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My way of saying "To Be Exact."
This car costs $123,400 TBE.
by Elonn Mussk December 23, 2017
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to be expected
He ditched her for snowboarding again, but it's tbe at this point.
by NeverSurprised March 11, 2011
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It is an abbreviation used for the term 'To be exact' used frequently on the internet (by chatting or instant messaging).
A: Do you think that Jane will come to my party tonight?
B: TBE undoubtedly. She said you are really cute.
by Mimiron July 5, 2009
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to be edited.
like if you're in a post about the person above you or you're in a speed post thread
by Jack the sex July 29, 2008
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"To be edited"
Used in forums to claim a reply space for later (Usually long) edition.
I Claim this reply! tbe
by OddGoo July 28, 2008
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