Tongue Action 👅💦
Bitchhhhh I had some bomb ass TA last night 🤪
by EAT ME OUT !!!! March 09, 2019
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Betty: "I did that favor you asked for."
Sam: "Ta."
Betty: "Ta yourself!" Say Thank you like you MEAN IT, BABY!
by PirateBetty January 21, 2011
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abbreviation for Transactional Analysis
Isn't TA the best psychological theory ever?
by Irving January 21, 2005
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Short for 'Ta Ta'.

Note: Saying this will mostly likely lead to a well deserved ass whipping.
by Jay Jay January 13, 2004
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Tight ass. Say you see some hot girl walking down the street, and you stare at her ass. And she has a hot ass, say TA. Especially if your with a girl.
by Toran October 13, 2007
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