One who is stylish.
One who carries themself in a pimpish manner.
Also refers to inanimate objects.
Represents approval
Swarvellous refers to same meaning.
also see "stush"

Your jacket is swarve.
Mr. Rogers is swarvellous.
by Keith July 03, 2003
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a misspelling of the word 'suave', with the more colloquial definition, i.e., posh, swanky, classy, etc.
Leandra: "Yo Celine's high tops look swarve"

Jake: "Yo Leandra you spelled 'suave' wrong but you said it right"

Leandra: "That's quite swarve of you"
by Frumplestiltskin4487878787 December 31, 2012
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Where a male that smokes a lot of weed Is on a wave and simply in a peaceful and chilled mindset
Alex: hey Harvey what you saying?
Harvey: hey Alex I’m just swarving

Alex: no way bloody bastard I’m swarving too!
Harvey: we must be swarve masters then!

(Henry walks in)
Henry: hey harvey and Alex what are you swarving swarve masters?

Swarve masters: we’re just swarving.

Henry: no way we’ll I’ll be dammed I’m swarving too!
by Swarve master April 28, 2020
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Swarve is an internal vibe that only 1 in 7.6 billion people has. It’s a vibe that whilst strolling around looking Swarvalicious, others refer to you as Swarve.
Omg You Look Swarve...
by Callum carvella March 07, 2018
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