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Your crazy teacher's worst nightmare - himself.
The way T-dog teaches is a nightmare we get no work done and he neglects our need for sweets.
"We stalk T-dog on a daily basis."
"T-dog likes Star Wars too much - he drinks it in his sleep with dem starwars pjs"
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by banana jeff June 13, 2019
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Style with Ease
Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Absolute fucking roadmap wannabe. Comes across like a bullshitter but will legit burn down your house with vape liquid and a lighter (arsonist fucking menace with psycopathic traits). Got a 'stab wound' but defo just fell into a fucking table like a pussy bitch and lied to make himself look as solid as his non-existent penis. Vape skills make me want to end my life. No fucking eyebrows and I do not regret shaving them off hehe. 2/10 titwanker would not recommend. Case closed, unlike his mums legs.
t-dog is coming over for the mad sesh

ffs does he have to *puts hand in blender*
by yourmumisanonce August 10, 2019
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Team Death or Glory
It's a team for online multiplayer gaming and community ... this team does not cheat or hack ... all legit and fair play ...

Death means ... done your dying best to achieve your goal without giving up
Glory means ... Yes, achieved the goal and enjoying the victory !

Either way ... it's a win-win situation
Person 1 : Thanks for offering me to join a clan but i am with TDoG for life

Person 2 : What's TDoG ?

Person 1 : Team Death or Glory and this team does not cheat or hack

Person 2 : Interesting ... the clan i am in, some of them cheat and ruined the game ... I might join with you to play fair game

Person 1 : Alright if you do change your mind ... I think you know where to find me
by TDoG-Sneaker January 14, 2008
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White ghetto, wigger, character in the movie "Waiting"
"How many times I gotta tell you, MY NAME IS T-DOG BITCH!!! MY NAME IS T-DOG"
by BenJamN March 30, 2006
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a mysterous meth dealer deals meth in eureka ca knows to be deaf
lets meet T-dog to buy some good dime
by T-dogforever707 August 03, 2016
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A poser.
Often used in skating terms.
Someone who does varials or pressure flips.
"Did you see that kid do a varial?"
"Yeah, what a T DOG!
by Koloolok June 09, 2009
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