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To be duped into something. Tricked
Kevin : The credit card company told me I didn't have to make a payment for 12 months. I just got my first bill and there is a late charge on it.

Denny : You just got T-mobiled
by King03 August 13, 2012
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Verb meaning to fail to deliver a product or service in epic proportion.
Hey, Billy, did you hear I got stranded at the mall last night? Yeah, the public transit company ran out of diesel fuel for all their buses and T-Mobiled. Some people walked home, but I just hung out hoping they would restore service someday.
by OmegaBobGuy October 15, 2009
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When T-mobile sidekick service goes down and you have no "G". in the next 48 hours you'll get service. it can happen for days & days.
It also kills your buddylist because almost everyone has a kick.
Taryn- Noo Nooo!! I just lost my G again!!
Me- Boom goes the dynamite. you juss got T-Mobiled...
haha u aint got no servicee! you cant sign on your kick!!

*looks at buddylist*
damn nobodys on..
*signs off*
by Ayoosharice November 03, 2009
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