Played by Robert Patrick in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

A liquid metal Terminator.
" The T-1000 is coming! "

" What is it? "
" The T-1000 "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
a memitic poly-alloy, aka liquid metal
can form solid metal shapes, like knives and stabbing wepons
by Anonymous July 19, 2003
A highly potent and slightly addictive strain of indica marijuana. Created in Toronto Ontario Canada early in the 21st century, this plant was bred from parents exhibiting super-high yields and massive THC content. T-1000 derives it's name from the liquid-metal killer robot featured in the 1991 motion picure: "TERMINTOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY". It takes the name because The leaves and flowers of the T-1000 strain are mostly green but with large silver or metallic marbling throughout. The smoke is very smooth and strong, while the buzz is very cerebral and trippy. This is also a very pungeant strain which has repotedly had to be bagged 4 or 5 times over when stored or transported to reduce its alluring smell. Unfortunately, seed is currenty only available for private use and clones are in short supply as they are in high demand.
"T-1000 is the best weed I have ever smoked and could easily contend with the likes of Diesel, White Rhino or any type of haze."
by Biggs13 September 26, 2006
Your worst fucking nightmare.

A terminator (basically a robot assassin from the future) that is constructed entirely out of mimetic polly-alloy (a self-healing liquid metal). It's self healing liquid nature means it is nearly completely invulnerable to physical harm. It can also shape shift into anything it touches, as long as that thing has a similar mass. They are equally as strong as their T 800 predecessor but their shape shifting abilities and more fluid, lifelike movements make them superior in combat. However, they are much lighter than T 800s, so they aren't able to tolerate heavy gunfire for example (though they could just reform afterwards). They can be temporarily stopped by freezing them and smashing them to pieces but they will reform after thawing. It only lethal weakness is extremely high temperatures (over 2500 degrees Celsius).

A unit was sent to the year 1995 in an attempt to kill ten year old John Connor. Luckily, John from the year 2029 sent back a T 800 that was reprogrammed to protect him. The T 800 proved to be a tough opponent but was eventually killed by the T 1000. The T 800 managed to revive itself and shoot a grenade into the T 1000 body. It detonated and before the T 1000 could reform, it fell backwards into a steel mill, where the temperature destroyed it once and for all.

The T 1000 was portrayed by Robert Patrick and appeared in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
(T 1000 disguised as police officer walks up to officer on motorbike)

Officer on bike: You alright?

T 1000: Yeah. Say, that's a nice bike you got there.

T 1000 proceeds to kill officer on bike and takes his patrol bike.
by The guyo guy December 5, 2013
The act of flash freezing ones skin while procuring Freon from an air conditioning unit.
Tyler "Ok so hold the bag up to the valve"
Anthony "Ok"
Tyler "Now press the pen against the valve"
Anthony "Like this-SSSSSTTT-fuck!!"
Tyler "Shit looks like you got t-1000'd dude"
by Herzesser May 12, 2012
A Los Angeles police officer usually of Caucasian or asian descent that exhibits excessive force and harassment to homeless people and juvenile delinquents
Oh shit you see those cops over there lets run from the T-1000
by Scott atkins June 27, 2022
A shit, particularly one which is runny in nature.
I'm just going for a T-1000
by Terminaytor August 16, 2019