Angeles is a special type of girl, one you will never ever find again. She has a shell of beauty, her body well figured and delicate. She has a distinct voice and smell. Her hair ( when short ) falls at her shoulders with a messy grace. Her hair ( when long ) reaches the small of her back and will always stick to it. To see through her shell which she reinforces every second of the day, you must look into and see through her eyes. Although being beautiful and brown, her eyes are lonely and lost. Once you get past her shell, she melts at your fingertips, revealing miles of emotional trauma and abuse. When she trusts you, you’re able to see a side she isn’t even aware she has. If you are lucky enough to fall in love with an Angeles, she will show you her world. Her world revolves around her passion for music, art, and the one she truly loves. She’ll always put in 110% into you. Don’t ever lose this girl. Angeles is a truly divine person.
Nobody can do it the way Angeles does it.
by divinedemon August 18, 2018
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The most amazing girl I have ever met she is absolutely perfect and I can't wait till the day I get to call her mine, she has my heart and I will always love you. The girl in that made me want to be a better person and is absolutely the world and more to me
That girl Angeles is so perfect.
by Kentucky_jr15151515151515 February 6, 2016
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A sexy young girl with dark smooth hair, the cutest smile beautiful eyes, sophisticated, wears glasses , has an athletic slender figure, great tits, a gorgeous personality. You cant mess with her on her bipolar days and she gives the best hugs.
Angeles looks great today.
by pit04 May 13, 2015
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Angeles is an amazing girl that everyone loves. She can be a little moody sometimes but that's just life. She is funny, nice, cute, and beautiful. The guys go crazy over her and line up one by one just to be with her. She is the bestest friend you could ever have, she will be one of the girls you want to be friends with right when you meet her. She means the world to you and you would be the luckiest person to be friends with her.
Guy 1: Damn Angeles is so beautiful

Guy 2: I know I wish I was with her
#Beautiful #amazing #bestfriend #lovely
by Tae676 March 19, 2018
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Angeles is a girl who is a badass!(sometimes) she might be the one making you laugh but sometimes she’s making you mad.She is loving and caring she is basically anoyying when it comes to her laughing or other times she’ll take it and laugh wich is rare at some points.Shell obviously have your back even if your upset at someone she’s friends with she’ll still love you and she LOVES giving hugs especially to people who actually enjoy being around her and she like friends that are chill,funny,active,crazy,dumb,and people who laugh at everything like me.Shes not into dating guys,they waist her precious ass time when she can be with her friends/bsf,she don’t need no mans to make her happy hell nah!She lives going out with friends.She only cares about her friends and she’ll love her boy best friends because all girls NEED A BOY BEST FRIEND! And she’s never to of s pussy to do shit if she gets in trouble she deals with it she won’t bed the shit out of people to not get her ass in trouble!
Angeles funny asf yo she making my day with that smile of her and how she’s never calm makes me feel so much better
by Your main manz March 28, 2018
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Angeles is a beautiful boy. He's so precious and heart warming. His smile is gorgeous. Both men and women go for him. He's definitely shorter than 5'9. Weeabooish. Will make you smile when you're sad. Definitely a man to die for. The type of person to be a bottom during a gay relationship but has no trouble topping.
"Man, I'm not gay or anything but I wish that Angeles kid was mine."

"Get you an Angeles type of man."
by The Angeles Addict March 2, 2017
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Angelic, as in the name. Latin & French meaning, "Of the angels".

Angelic is a wonderful person to be friends with. She's loyal and sweet and will only show a bad side if somebody takes a very beloved person away from her. She's girly and into all things cute and beautiful, such as makeup, fashion, and lots of shoes. Keep in mind that she's not one of those girls who are so full of their self and act as if they're goddesses. Angelic is actually a humble person who knows she's gorgeous but will never shove it in anybody's faces. She's inspirational and a fun girl to hang around with. She enjoys going to the beach and hanging out at the parks. Traveling is her number 1 passion and so is encouragement. She's a BIG animal lover and will not do anything to hurt someone's feelings. That is unless they hurt hers, then you better be prepared what she throws at you. She's honest and brave and falls in love easily but is defiantly careful with her relationships. Most of all, she's exactly what her name says. A humble girl full of love and joy and positivity.
Friend: Woah, that girl just stood up to that bully.
Girl: Yeah, that's my friend, Angelic.
Friend: Angelic is pretty brave!
by hopelovefaithjoy October 10, 2017
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