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Short for Twirl & Thanks or Thanks & Twirl (like brb). Can be uppercase (T&T) or lowercase (t&t), even with a n (TNT, tnt, TnT). To sashay away and see you later, and may or may not include a hair flip.
The drag queen grabbed the dollar and said "T&T mon ami !" Then continued to proceed back to the stage.

Please pick me up some nuts, t&t.
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by Mickeyboarder8 June 02, 2017
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Tuesdays and Thursdays, The days the narcs usually raid the corners where drug dealers be. T n T also could mean the narcs them selves.
I was coming out of the corner store. And T & T jumped out on me and searched me.
by BigDogNjallday January 04, 2009
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