A member of MPC and G-D. One of the üß3r-l33t h4x0r1ng cr3w who rage CS servers near you :) He is also one of the best people on the internet.
*Uni bows to Syphon
UNI You are God!
Tetsuo We worship you!
Syphon Good, good!
by james March 14, 2004
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Another of the 1337 gamerz who will pizzown u if challenged!
Syphon just owned u, u n00b!
by Syphon May 4, 2005
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Greatest guy known to man kind, with he's sexy face you cannot deny me!... err.. HIM! Awsome web designer with mad skills!
by Kyle April 7, 2004
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adj, term used by gamers and l33t hacksors. describes someone, or something that owns you, or anything. Has many possible usages.
Those goggles look syphonic. You must be gaming online and pwning n00bs.
by the_doc December 11, 2006
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somebooody that loves to sypthon the penis(PYTHON) in and around their mouth...
Ohhh shit that guy is a bit of a python-syphoner i heard
by naenaenahnah March 13, 2021
A blowjob with a sock on the weiner.
Yo they dry syphoned me so good.
by drydrydry March 7, 2020
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