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When you're catfished by a transgender woman.
I thought it was a girl I met online, but I got swordfished.

Man I bought dinner and took her back to my place. She had a dick bro. I got swordfished.
by B4IFURU18 July 06, 2018
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The act of sexually enjoying a moist swordfish.

Friend: "How is that swordfish John?"
John: "Hot"
Friend: "Can I Sexually have sex with it after you?"
John: "Sure"
Friend: "Hot"
John: "Alrighty"
Friend: "Thanks John"
John: "No Problem Friend, I love to share my HOT SEXY MOIST SWORDFISH"
Friend: "What does swordfishes mean again?"
John: "The act of sexually enjoying a moist swordfish."
Friend: "Figured."
I love getting swordfished
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by MoistMan123456HotFish May 02, 2018
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