A picture in which a pretty girl, or guy, can be seen naked. Often found in men's magazines, under single mens' pillows, and on teen boys' phones.

A picture of a girl where you can clearly see her breasts, nipples, legs, pussy or booty.

The only artwork ever found in a bathroom.
Boy, to another boy: Dude! Check out this nude picture. She's hot!

I just found a nude picture of my girlfriend on Facebook!

Hey bruh, I got a boner and will be in the bathroom. Ya gotta nude picture for me?
by Sexy•naked•girl October 22, 2014
A picture taken in a bra or underwear, sometimes completly naked and typically sent by someone looking for attention. People enjoy sending them and then when exposed, play dumb about it.
"This girl just send me a nude picture over snapchat, her boobs weren't even looking good though..."
by Jennnsonnn August 25, 2017