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A fan of anime. Simple, isn't it? Just to clear some things up:

An anime Fan is not an otaku: Otaku refers to a loner who bases their life around a work of ficion of any kind and loses track of reality because of it.

An Anime Fan is not Nesisarily a fanboy/girl: They don't have to be that annoying :P

Not all female anime fans like yaoi: Some do, some don't. Simple right?

An anime Fan is not a weeaboo: A weeaboo is obbsessed with Japan, not neesesarily anime. They like pocky. Yes, anime Fans know the terminology of anime. But then sci fi fans know about their fandom, and for that matter furrys, fantasy fans, goths, and every one else knows little things about their interests. Although they know some japanese things from anime, they like it for the anime, not the references.

There are different types of anime (and thus it's fans): Shoujo, Shonen, Seinen, and yaoi being a few.

Someone who only watches hentai isn't an anime fan: They are a pervert.

by Gothicmarshmallon July 22, 2009
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The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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Anybody that loves anime is an anime fan. That person is NOT an otaku unless if he/she is really an anti-social type. No one is too old or too young to be an anime fan... They can be cool, popular, nerds, simpleton and etc but when anime fans meet together, there is always something to talk about..
person1: Is your 8 year old bro allowed to watch anime? Animes are so violent and bloody!
person2: Well, I watch it... My mum watches it too.. Why can't he?
person1: OMG! O.o
by ELIE3173 May 19, 2005
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A person that likes Japanese Anime but isnt always a nerd.
"Dude you like Anime? Your to cool to like that childish crap." "Its not childist how is a guy getting his head sliced off childist?"
by Battousai January 31, 2005
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The fans, enthusiasts and followers of anime and manga are anime fans. Despite this simple explanation, there are actually subcategories for this group.

1. Anime fans that are rational, logical and realizes that anime and manga are just hobbies, fictional characters and entertainment. These tend to be most friendly of the fans and can start friendly conversations with just about anyone.

2. Anime fans that are miserable, probably have pathetic lives outside of this hobby and are never happy or satisfied. These will usually unload complaint after complaint about a certain series or character such as complaining that this character is too much of a wuss or that character is too overpowered.

3. Anime fan boys. These tend to believe that their series and characters are the best and unbeatable. Tends to be most common with fans of the Holy Shounen Trinity.

4. Anime fans that treat their series as a religion, these tend to have characteristics that overlap with fanboyism and cults. Any negative criticism about their favorite series will be met with a negative, angry response. They virtually worship the characters as gods and treat the manga or anime as a religious text.

5. Anime fans that are otaku. These tend to collect tons of figures of their favorite characters and rooms worth of manga and anime. This is also where they take their hobby to new extremes of stupidity. They have an extreme, sometimes perverse or sexual, obsession with their favorite series or characters.
An anime fan is a part of a subculture that can range from being extremely friendly and logical to extreme sexual obsession over fictional characters.
by Hellrider285 January 27, 2014
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Totally Japan-fixated, antisocial, skinny white people. Generally exhibits one or more of the following traits:
Thick glasses
A Japanese-English Dictionary
A DDR Pad for the PSII (to practice at home)
Long, greasy hair
"I love being an anime fan! I know almost 1000 kanji!! WOW! (^-^)"
by Tommy Wommy Womsters January 29, 2005
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They are literal cancer.

They obsess over Japan like its some sort of god or something which is NOT.

There are 192 countries in the world(not counting japan vatican or fakestine) other than Japan but they too dumb to realize.
Jenna: I think I have a cancer

Jack: Why?
Jenna : Because of the anime fans.
by silvester. February 18, 2020
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