to remove gaming media from playing device and impel it to a hard surface for harsh contact repeatedly
girl 1: what level you on?
girl 2: there are no more levels to play
girl 1: did you win already?
girl 2: no I beat the game
by Slick Ham February 17, 2012
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(v) 1. When you drink so much that by the end of the night, you are stone cold sober.
2. When a man has sex for so long that the girl becomes dry before he gets a chance to come.
1. "Dude, last night I drank so much that I beat the game. The whole bottle of Tequila was gone, and yet I was making perfect sense!"

2. Person: "Dude, Lisa and I fucked for 6 hours last night... she dried up before I could get off!"
Buddy: "You beat the game!"
by DoctaJ August 11, 2007
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Playing a video game while getting one or more blowjobs (enough to span the entire time of the game), and winning the game.
Man #1: I can't believe we won every game tonight!
Man #2: Yeah, I even got the beating the game on legendary achievement!
Man #1: But we weren't playing Halo...
Man #2: I know!
by sarahsaurus September 27, 2010
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You call your mom/dad to hurry and come to you. Meanwhile you try to masterbate as fast as you can until you cum. You mostly beat the cock to beat the clock. Its really intense!!
by fuckster flags April 4, 2010
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How to officially beat the game is to blurt it out during coitus making both people losing during such an act cancels the loss out
Jim: Hey frank guess what?

Frank: what?

Jim: The game haha you lost

Frank: doesn't work on me I beat the game
Jim: that's not possible how did you beat the game
Frank: I said it during sex

How to beat the game
by Uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu January 3, 2021
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