Someone who thinks there strong but arent shit
Matt thinks hes swole house cause he works out with his dad
by Slim charls November 30, 2015
Someone who you may think is an alien at first
Singer: “Did you see that alien playing the bass?”
Guitarist: “no that’s just Swole Yates!”
by Whip cream God May 20, 2019
It can be swole size Booty too :D
by Arissu July 26, 2017
a brutal thrashing in the face which cause your chin to be split open and your eyes are swelled shut.
keep talking home boy and you are going to catch chin checks and eye swoles.
by Waxyourmom September 6, 2017
Term used after an intense glute workout.
Leaving the gym with ass on swole. Just a little white girl out here trying to grow a butt.
by E-wheezy-F-Baby April 14, 2021
nigga swole down tf (stop being uptight)
why you so swole?
by niggabitchahh7 November 29, 2017