Kylo Ren, a human male, was a Force warrior who trained as a Jedi under his uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, before turning to the dark side of the Force, destroying Skywalker's attempt to restore the Jedi Order, and becoming an apprentice of Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order.

Originally named Ben Solo.
Kylo Ren skilfully deflected the attack.
by emokylor3n April 17, 2016
An angsty emo with daddy issues who is obsessed with his grandfather.
Kylo Ren is a little shit.
by Star Trek sucks January 28, 2020
Kylo Ren, the supreme leader of the dark side. He is a human male with black hair, he dresses in black and he has some issues. Daddy issues, anger issues and probably other issues too.

He has the coolest lightsaber in the starwars universe, period.

He is basically an emo with a glow stick.
Kylo Ren is a punk bitch.
by Yah yeet beach October 12, 2020
He is Han Solo's emo son who murdered Luke Skywalker's fledgling pack of Jedis and went on to become the grumpy, masked commander of the First Order from Star Wars: Episode VII. He wields a red lightsaber fitted with crossguard beams.
"Kylo Ren murked his old man and threw him off a bridge, yo! Wassup with that shit?!"
by athenayazhi January 9, 2016
The galaxy's emo force user who is also a 30 year old virgin. After being neglected by his parents, they decided to send him to be trained by Luke Skywalker. Turns out that his uncle was homicidal, so he decided to follow all the voices in his head and join Snoke. He is presently now more emo than ever because of his infatuation of Rey. They are in the process and angst of professing feelings for each other. Warning: Kylo Rey exhibits extreme bouts of rage when without Rey.
Kylo Ren has a crush on Rey.
by reyloforevr February 17, 2019
To describe Kylo Ren, the emojis used to describe him would be 🥺❤️🖕🏻 he’s misunderstood, yet stubborn as all hell. Like his father...
“Kylo Ren is very misunderstood, if I could use emojis to explain
how he acts they would totally be 🥺❤️🖕🏻“
by Lunarchxld July 30, 2020
Some punk ass emo bitch, who does everything out of angst. Just as Jar-Jar was introduced to appeal to the child audience. Kylo Ren was introduced to appeal to trigger-happy SJWs
I relate to Kylo Ren because I too like smashing up things every time someone tells me that I am wrong
by DeathArrow January 1, 2018