When you and your best bitches go hunting for Swole Bros.
Ashley and Becca are hitting the beach for swole patrol this weekend.
by Wagnasty_22 July 7, 2015
The act of hitting up the gym and working out to get "swole" or buff.
Tom:So Bruno what are you doing after school?
Bruno:Gettin my swole on.
Tom:Wow I wish I could be as jacked as you
Bruno:I know
by ThatPersuasion! March 13, 2008
Having pockets full of money, i.e. swolen
"Pockets on swole lookin like they got the mumps" - Yung Joc

"I pull up in tha lambo
Pockets stay on swole" - Bow Wow
by August 28, 2006
When you suck a dick that has a fruit roll up rolled around it.
I can believe I gave my Grandpa a a fruit swole up last night.
by Soup can Sam December 24, 2021
get buff, work out, flex your muscles
You've been at the gym, I can tell. Look at you, get your swole on!
by maryquitecontrary January 15, 2009
You want a girl the jerk you off buff or you say it when mad or when horny and even being funny.
When you want a girl to "Yes JERK ME SWOLE!" or when horny "I want to be jerked swole." or when mad " FUCKKKKKKK JUST JERK ME SWOLE!" and then finally when happy. "Jerk me swole hahahah!"
by AnuttaHandjob January 2, 2017
A convention where swole niggas go to loft cars and buildings. This was started by Tareef and The Rock. If you are not swole like Wafeeq you cannot attend
Are you going to the swole nigga convention. No I did not get invited.
by Too Swole for a Shirt October 10, 2019