Kylo is a demon. If you ever encounter someone named Kylo, immediately run the other way.
However, though Kylo is a horrible, black, gay, delusional mess, Kylo is a great rapper and producer.

Kylo also has a best friend named Leyah, and Leyah is the perfect person to be around! She's the glue that keeps friendships together and never fails to make people laugh. Some may wonder how Kylo scored such a lucky gem, and that wonder remains unsolved. Kylo doesn't deserve Leyah, Kylo abuses her and calls her racial slurs.

This further proves that you should never befriend a Kylo.
"Hey, did you see Kylo today?"
by iamnotfinch May 9, 2022
Kylo is a god. They are so hot and super cool. They are popular and everyone wants to be them. They are kind and genuine, but come off as mean and a bitch. They know people find them annoying and they hate it. They are honestly really smart they just don’t apply themselves. They are gay as fuck.
Omg that person is so hot and confident it must be Kylo
by th3_lun4r_l0s3r November 22, 2021
Definition: Leaving the friends behind without consent, continuing with life as if nothing happend.
Kylo just pulled a kylo on us..
by pullingkylo August 24, 2017
the name "Kylo" means ur really cool. like deadass, if ur name is kylo u get hella pussy/dick. like god, i wish my name was kylo
"damn bro i saw kylo with this e-boy named ryan last nifht"
by kylo baby April 25, 2022
'just hangin', floating through life in a haze or without care, enjoys having fun and relaxing could work hard at something enjoyable or rewarding n some way, tendency of being deceitful as to avoid confrontation, follower of 'the dude' from the Big Lebowski, softhearted and bearlike
Why didn't he go to work today? He totally lied to me!

Oh, well, he is totally kylos, you know, he doesn't have much use for doing what is expected of him

But, we had so much fun the other day, he was so sweet

He totally kylos'd ya
by bullpuckie February 5, 2010
Describes the killing of the past. This may be in the form of a reboot of a movie series where past characters are “Kylo’d”, or in other words the past characters are killed off and replaced with newer worse characters (in an effort to make money).
Han Solo just got Kylo’d
Let the past die, Kylo if you have to
by rattacko December 27, 2017
To be so angry, you red-lightsaber out and rage destroy one's immediate surroundings.
"Fucking bank line so long, was going to Kylo Renn the shit out of that place."

"Dude, don't go near that guy right now, he's Kylo Renn pisssssed."
by actiont4 January 17, 2016