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To be hung on a pole or peg by your pantys then dunked in a toilet
I was walking home when my friend said that the girls bathroom had some weird graffiti in one of the stalls so we went to check it out.(oh and im a girl not a pervert). When we got in she said its in the last stall on the left. So we went over and i looked but there was nothing inside except a toilet with year old diarea in it. I started to question her but berfore i could she tied my hands together and put tape around my feet. Then she gave me a swedgie.She hung me by my zebra pantys and dunked my head in the year old diarea. Now for some reason the person who dumped the diarea there clogged the toilet and the school never bothered to fix it so its at the rim with gross watery diarea. Enough for my whole head to go under. When she let me back up i'd gotten some in my mouth. That gave her an idea. She went and got a straw and put one end in the toilet and the other end in my mouth. I immediantly spit it back out but she said if i didnt drink it she would pull on my i was hanging 2 feet off the ground and my pantys could strech that far without breaking but i still refused. So she went over to my legs and pulled me down to a foot off the ground."oooooooowwwwwww!" I cried "ill drink it! Ill drink it! "Good to hear she said smirking. She made me drink all of it. About 3 quarters threw i barfed and she made me drink the barf. When i had finnaly finished she let me down still tied up and still in a wedgie.
by Alohamrpickle June 19, 2014
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A sideways wedgie; when your underwear or pantaloons become pushed sideways and are not in correct alignment with your pants and or gentiles. Especially uncomfortable for a guy.
Dude my junk is all smashed to one side cause i have a wicked big swedgie
by Alex Born February 27, 2008
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the term used when one's underwear has migrated up one's sweaty arse crack. a wedgie often the result of vigorous exercise.
i've been jogging so long i have a swedgie.
by princessherbert February 02, 2010
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Its so hot and humid, your underpants are soaked in sweat esp., in the crotch area that they slowly work there way up your groin area and stick there.
Damn its so hot out I'm getting a swedgie!
by FiliusDeLicentia August 08, 2014
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