n. A person of wide renown and ability in both prolific storytelling and the art of settling disputes and grievances.
"John was quite the ruffin when he called in a ceasefire with just a simple folktale."
by Johnny Seventeen February 05, 2010
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Verb-"Ruffin", to "Ruffin" someone, to have been "Ruffined"

English slang originating in kent, generally taken to mean travelling far away from home on a seduction trip and then afterwards claiming the event never took place, and not talking to the girl/boy(victim) afterwards.
Also at events, generally a fling then ignoring contact afterwards or denying action took place.
"He still hasn't called back"
"Hmm, looks like you've been Ruffined"
"Yeah im off up London for a good Ruffin tonight"
by J. Marston March 03, 2007
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ruffined is the character of a person that has been refined through brutality, fighting etc.
popeye said he was ruffined
by avesta August 23, 2010
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nothing is going right. barely getting by. living on a tight budget. not getting enough sleep or eating well. emotionally spent
the party last night was crazy, i'm really ruffin' it today.

two all-nighters in 3 days, i'll be ruffin' it until exams are over

i just broke up with Terry, man, i'm going to be ruffin' it for awhile

by ruff2g40 March 07, 2007
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The act of defecating in the nude. (Going to the toilet for a poo without clothes on)
It was too warm in the bathroom so I decided to go Buff Ruffin and it was dench.
by Rusty Stingfield October 04, 2013
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The most annoying guy you will ever meet,gayest, faggot est, nigga on the planet. Think of a black rapest from prison. Now think of a petofile. That's Dwight don't go to sleep if you see his just like the boogy man.
by xxxwer September 29, 2017
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A shy guy but when you get to know him he is nice, caring, thoughtful, smart, funny and cute.
His smile lights up your world and his eyes are filled with life
To me he is Perfect
PRO TIP: never i say never let go of a Vincent Ruffin
by same thing June 23, 2016
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