alcoholic beverage, or shot of whiskey. (Scottish) Short version for "a swallow of"
"Let's bob over to the pub for a swally after the match."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
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man that girl gave me some good swallie.

hey did that girl just give you a swallie.
by prt kapisa December 21, 2011
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The act of moving away from a discussion which does not involve you. Is in general asked by the the member of the group of which the conversation concerns.
Guy one: "I have to talk to him about something important, swally up."(Directed towards guy two)
Guy two : "I understand the situation and swally I will" he then walks away content knowing he is a man.
by Baker4Life May 10, 2014
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noun, Scottish (see swally)
A gentleman who is overly fond of a tipple.
'Shuggy boaked oan a polis efter 3 boatils o Buckie.'
'Daft swally merchant.'
by Al Bum September 11, 2008
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An alcoholics paper bag with bottle neck sticking out for him to drink.
Hey look at that alky basterds swally bag!
by Delboy trotter February 28, 2011
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one of the seven epic words, it refers to an individual so ridiculously lame he deserves to be kicked in the shins atleast four times

" Man that kid Tim is such a hoop swallie, who wants to kick him in the shins first ? "
by Lemon Dance December 09, 2006
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