7 definitions by Sascha

alcoholic beverage, or shot of whiskey. (Scottish) Short version for "a swallow of"
"Let's bob over to the pub for a swally after the match."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
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acronym for one's wife or girlfriend, stands for: She Who Must Be Obeyed
"I won't be going to the pub later, swimbo says I'm to paint the baby's nursery today."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
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UK slang meaning to take off your clothes; a request that is purely sexual in nature.
"Have you seen her since she lost weight? I wouldn't mind getting her kit off."
by Sascha October 07, 2004
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of or possesing an intellect of such a low standing that it is considered sub-retarded, or raytarded.
"shit, you aren't even smart enough to be retarded, you're fuckin' raytarded"
by Sascha May 27, 2003
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of lower intellectual standings than a retard, a raytard.
I am a raytard because i messed up the pronunciation (RAY-tard, not ray-TARD-ed) and mispelled possessing in my first post.
by Sascha May 29, 2003
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Usually smart and tactical guys named that with a lot of experience with weaponry. But will end up selling rubber bullets to you for some quick easy cash and later blame it on the state.
Person 1 “Hey man, where do you buy thoose sketchy looking bullets.”
Person 2 “Sidrovich sold me these for half the price.”
Sidrovich *Speeking English with Russian accent* “Ergh man, times are turf, Gopnik bandits are everywhere hiding in the bushes with their Kalashnikov and the guards ain’t doing shit to protect us.”
by Sascha October 08, 2018
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