Originally a term used to describe a shallow pit used for drainage, the word has since gained popularity in the scientific community as a term of approval. As it, "Damn, that journal article you published sure is swale." It is now considered a synonym of cool in the scientific community.
"I can't wait to go the that swale convention on genetic engineering"

"John is definately the most swale doctoral candidate in this place."
by hampshire April 07, 2010
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A cross between a slut and a whale. A sperm burping jizam junkey!
by harpoon a swale April 29, 2008
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(noun) A depression in the ground that carries water runoff.
A swale is often dug alongside or diagonally crossing a dirt road or foot trail to control erosion.
by Muheli October 09, 2009
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A dirty, smelly, stingy kind of person, one that attracts bad attention for doing things others would conceive to be selfish, poor and extremely unattractive. The word is very commonly used in the South West of Australia and is considered quite offensive, it is thought that the word may originally have been just Aled with an Sw added onto it, but none the less, it is a filthy insult.

- Occasionally a person will add the first letter of someone's name to the word Aled and use that instead of Swaled, such as calling Peter "Paled" or Jackson "Jaled"
Sean: "Ohh look at cigarette butt with a bit of baccy left" pointing at the ground, *picks it up.

Jack: "You dirty dirty little Swaled"
by NacDaddy March 22, 2012
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A shallow ditch used in fields for drainage, also known as an "inverted speed bump" when it crossed a driveway. Something you should not drive through faster than 20 kilometres an hour.
I bottomed out my dad's truck driving through that swale.
by LaylaLoveeee May 02, 2011
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Has no life and spends all his time on CS (Counter strike) acts like a tough man online but in real life is a real walk over. REALLY SAD!!
"Thats abit harsh" (quoted by Swales just as Im writing this 23/11/04)
by Samuel R Jinks November 23, 2004
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