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A town, if you want to call it that, in a swamp in northeastern WI. Must have been founded by a retard to put it in a swamp, possibly Sasquatch. Everyone descends from the founder, Sasquatch. Everyone has weird bumps on their skin and are forever scarred from all the mosquitoes. The man folk of this plymouth town all are ugly and gross. The girls all have nothing better to do but spread rumors, fuck eachother's cousin, and spread incessed diseases and STDs. Not quite sure how they manage to reproduce on account of the STDs that should render them infertile. They all live in shantys and tents with no TVs so they thrive on drama and other people's biznitch.
Just look for some of the residents of Suring at a zoo or jail.
by swampRat killa February 24, 2011
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