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having to do with or around the crotch
by Auspex August 4, 2006
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Of or relating to the groin.
Mr. Burgundy, you have a MASSIVE erection.

I'm sorry, it's the... - it's the pleats.
It's actually an optical illusion. It's the pattern on the pants: It's not flattering in the crotchal region.
Nothing to look at: go back to work, everyone.
Don't act like you're not impressed!

film: Anchorman
by slangMaverick February 7, 2008
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in the general area of the crotch; near the genitalia
"Man, did you see that piece of metal sticking out of Jay's crotchal area?!"
by Gina January 19, 2003
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the area where your huevos are located (in the male) or where the vajayjay is (in the female)
its described as the general area of those parts.
"I'm going to kick you in the huevos, located in your crotchal region."
by Jo Bo January 6, 2006
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Referring to your crotch
Yes please, in or around my crotchal region will do the trick
by scobb July 22, 2008
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synonymous with groinalplex, the crotchal zone is an important and sensitive region between the legs encompassing the genitalia. one must take care to protect the crotchal zone from flying objects and venereal diseases.

can be quite fun to use both 'groinalplex' and 'crotchal zone' side-by-side.
Sean, will you please stop gesturing to your crotchal zone and pass the 'melk?'
by elemental May 4, 2005
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