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That which pollutes the mind or anesthetizes critical thinkingβ€”a state of mind that apparently affects those who believe in God or have faith in some paranormal phenomena.
Leaders of the Chinese Communist Party outwardly profess to be atheists, because party members must not be seen to indulge in any form of superstition, such as belief in feng shui or fortune telling, and worship of gods and goddesses.
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by MathPlus October 14, 2017
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The belief in supernatural phenomina, concepts, or figures; the opposite of logic or knowledge or facts.
Religion is the best example of superstition.

Guy 1: Oh no, I'm gonna get ran over by a car!
Guy 2: Why? Do you plan to run into the street?
Guy 1: Uh, no! I saw a black cat running past me a few yards away on my way here. That's a sign something bad is gonna happen, and I'm scared of cars too...
Guy 2: Ok, you're just being superstitious. Next thing you'll tell me is that psychics are actually psychic.
Guy 1: But... they are.

Guy 2: -__-
by Grigori FTW June 29, 2013
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Stevie Wonder's greatest song lasting an amazing 4 minutes and 28 seconds. Sax by Trevor Laurence, trumpet by Steve Madaio. Single released on 10/24/72 where it reached #1 on the R&B and Pop charts. Played at the beginning of the movie I, Robot.
While seeing Will Smith's naked ass is a positive, seeing it while listening to Superstition is pure bliss.
by Lawlessness September 07, 2005
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