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A new term for describing something, someone, or more specifically, some place that gets completely trashed. This term's practicality is more in line with describing your friend's/parent's apartment/house after a party.
"Dude, that party you had the other night must have been awesome, cause your place got Superdomed."
by Heavy November 01, 2005
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Adjective meaning "left in limbo". Mainly used by suburban white kids who think natural disasters only happen to the poor and disadvantaged. Derived from the Katrina hurricane of 2005, which turned New Orleans, Louisiana into Venice of the West. Tens of thousands of Americans, mostly poor African-Americans, were told to evacuate to the SuperDome, a gigantic concrete structure originally designed for New Orlean's professional football team, The Saints.

As the hurricane passed, these dislocated Americans were stranded at the SuperDome without adequate food or medicine. Days later, help arrived... after the President and white corporate America decided that lending a helping hand would be a good PR move and photo op.
Usage: This is whacked, dog. You said you's gonna pick me up at the mall today. I'm superdomed till Mom comes home from work.
by yellowman September 13, 2005
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1. Raping women in public bathrooms then slitting their throat leaving them decomposing full of semen in the stall. This was a common act in the New Orleans Saints superdome when being used as a shelter after Katrina.
1. Lights are out and I have to use the washroom, can you come with me so I don't get superdomed.

2. I want to superdome that bitch with the cute ponytail over there.

3. Going into a womens bathroom with a knife and a dick. Someone is about to get superdomed.
by Mengsk February 24, 2010
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