Nipples that are the size of a slice if peperoni. Typically found on women, but occasionally on men.
"Damn Leroy, that bitch has peperoni nips!!!"
by hudlei July 21, 2008
A man or woman with tits the size of peperoni or larger.
Whoa! She has peperoni tits!
by jjccc14 June 1, 2007
the magical 10th peperoni refers to getting 10 peperonis in a pizza lunchable. usually there are 9 peperonis that come with it but if your lucky, you may receive an extra peperoni. make a wish if you happen to receive this.
"john i opened my lunchables and i had the magical 10th peperoni
by kyle_bond September 13, 2008
When you skeet skeet all over a girls face (the cheese), then smear it all around with your cock (the peperoni), and then put your ass cheeks on her face and crack ass (the buns).
That bitch was bad at suckin my dick, so I gave her a peperoni roll when it was over.
by Big pimpin March 22, 2005