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To urinate or defecate in the corner of an overcrowded public restroom because the line is too long and you can't hold it anymore.
"I had to pull a Superdome at the game last night"
by bigsneak November 09, 2005
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The act when a female surpasses the normal boundaries of regular dome. When acheived the male specimine is sure to actually call her back.
"Dude! Last night Sara gave me super dome. I'm really gonna call her back now"
by WangWonka November 26, 2005
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a overweight smelly caveman who attends foothill high school,CA.he also has very large salami nipples.also fugly as fuck!!!

jake mcbroom,plays football at foothill high.fav. movie:rocky.favorite beer:keystone.likes safeway cuz he can use his "club" card.likes to go "clubbing" on the weekends.likes his drinks"on the rocks"likes his rocky road ice cream at coldstone.likes to order club sandwiches at club way.also likes to swing his clubs at pebble beach.fred flintsones distant family
"hey superdome!its raining!shower time!!"

"dome,wanna go clubbing later?"

"dome,your nipples look the peperoni pizza i had for lunch"
by bean58cougars May 14, 2008
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John: did you fuck that girl last night mayne?
Jeremy: yeh mayne, she was a superdome so i cummed easy and left easy... ya know like katrina.
by GrapeJelli May 17, 2007
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An indoor stadium in New Orleans, LA. It is the home team of the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately, they built it on top of an old cemetery. This cursed the Saints to a record of losses for 36 years. Then in late August 2005, Hurricane Katrina approached New Orleans, the Superdome was used as a last resort shelter for those who couldn't evacuate New Orleans in time. About 5,000 people stayed. When the hurricane had it's way with New Orleans, the Superdome suffered substantial roof damage when the roof's white membrane was torn off by storm surge. The stadium quickly became a hellhole, with reports of murder and even child rape. The Superdome is now a biohazard and is closed down indefinitely.
The Superdome has suffered so much, now it has come to this.
by kyem2010 October 15, 2005
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