In corporate doublespeak, sunsetting something means stopping to do something, eg. a project or different aspects of the job.
We need to sunset that initiative we started last year.
I can't believe they want to sunset the dental benefit!
by 404dude April 10, 2008
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some people might say a sunset is beautiful, but the one that i'm talking about is 10x as beautiful.
sunset is amazing.

sunset is the most hilarious person you could ever meet.
sunset is very very epic gamer.
sunset is very wholesome, and she's such a bean, so if you ever run across her please be nice. :)
sunset is attracting guys all around the globe but she's big gay :))
sunset is so talented. (like seriously, im jealous >:v)
sunset is the best person on the entire planet and you cant change my mind.
by anonymous fluffy furry :) November 6, 2019
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The most hardcore of all the neighborhoods in frisco. It is also ruled by the Sunset Savagez
No one goes to the Sunset cuz they want to live the rest of their life (Cole and Taylor)
by Yo momma February 8, 2005
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When the front of a girls dress/top is so low that the upper half of her tit(s) can be seen, resembling a sunset.
Guy 1: Dude check out that chick Lillie, she has a really nice sunset going down.
Guy 2: Quick, hold my drink while I hack it real quick. (Shoves hand in pants)
by 1415926 February 21, 2015
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The very best like no one's ever known. They catch them, it's their real test. To train them is their cause. They travel across the land, searching far and wide, teach them to understand the power that's inside.

They, of the unicorn hair, and the Simpson's memes, a godly bean of majesty, with ethereal beauty, are the reason for the royal "we."They are a birb, colorful and brilliant, a shining beacon of the ultimate freedom that is flight. And they are humble in their astounding fabulosity, though they've caused many a magical, musical night to occur. Like a fae, mysterious and serene, they keep their cool in almost any situation, and though it's rare, the thought of angering this mighty being is like exploding into a thousand suns--hence their name (though it is also thought they were named because of a cowboy sensation, this is just one of many theories surrounding the mystery of their extremely fitting name).
Anyone: "Sunset sure knows how to throw a party!"
Anyone: "Well Bless My Heart, Sunset is a great musician!"
by m00chii September 19, 2017
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The act of lingering around an open-plan workplace in order to ejaculate on colleagues' desks once they'd left for the day.
Jeremy: Working late, Alastair?
Alastair: Damn straight, Jeremy. Sunset is my favourite part of the day.
by Oh Alastair April 20, 2016
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An evil thug that intimidates everyone he comes in contact with. Also known as the king of Mexico by all his people. Even people who don't know him grow fearful at the mention of his name.
Yo did you hear what the king did? Yea man, king sunset just threw that guy in the dungeon after he served him food at metro for 24 years.
by bobmarley- March 18, 2010
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