A blow job or other sexual act that is honored on a weekly basis, typically on Sunday. There is a presumption that terms for the specific sex act have been negotiated previously.
If I do some errands for my wife, she may give me a Sunday Special.
by latenitedrivethru May 5, 2015
A mid-level strain of marijuana laced with LSD and Oxycontin. Usually sold by that one drug dealer at your school who has just about any thing on hand. The high is short-lived, but intense as hell, not recommended for the classroom enviroment; as you will be fidgeting a lot.
John1337: Ey bro hook me up wit $20 worth of some sunday special

Deaalz: Aiight, meet me at 8:00 bro, I gotta mix the batter before i can bake you a cake.

Mr. 3: Oh my god, I just hit like 4 bowls of this shit and i already feel like I'm dissolving into fuckin nothingness; i might jus stop fuckin with Sunday Special.
by Reehone May 10, 2011
n. A sex position based on the reverse cowgirl which takes place on the toilet and the guy opens and reads a newspaper while having sex
After a night of heavy drinking, the next morning Nate and Patty had a sunday morning special in the bathroom.
by Benton West December 11, 2006
The act of forcibly jamming your tallywacker balls-deep into a muffin at a church bake sale. Preferably chocolate, but blueberry will do in a pinch.
Friend 1: Yo why are these muffins so salty?
Friend 2: Just wrapped up a Sunday Morning Special. How's it taste?
Friend 1: I'm cutting your brakes tomorrow.
by smiteMeSkyDaddy August 25, 2020
The act of growing a pair of breasts and spontaneously firing pineapple juice everywhere, usually as a result of intense excitement or pleasure.

The growth of the breasts only occurs if the subject is male or a female with undeveloped breasts.

Occurs most commonly after eating a pineapple whole on a Sunday, hence the name.
Guy 1: "Ayy man, my girlfriend had a total Funtime Pineapple Deluxe Sunday Special last night in bed. Tasted absolutely delicious."

Guy 2: "Man, that happened to me once, and the boobs haven't gone away yet."
by iLolbit February 19, 2017