a Slang word for something derived from simply the word something just with a u as the o and no g giving you sumthin; has the same meaning as something but easyier to spell
In an AIM or MSN messager conversation

"Yo dude you gotta come over & see what I got"
"what is it?"
"SUMTHIN! It's awesome just come over and check it out dude."
by Jer-Hey!!! June 20, 2008
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A way of telling someone they've got something on them.
"You've got a little sumthin' sumthin' on your cheek."
by Hannah Montana February 25, 2015
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Sumthin' Terrible is a Rap Crew from Sacramento, California. Members are Paper Game Chuck (formerly known as Chuck Beez), Sauce (3) (Saucesalito), Stupid Swoop (El Stupido), Bad Business and Clappa (Clapmatic). They were great friends of Mac Dre and co-starred in Treal Tv. Chuck beez was in the second verse of thizzle dance and was the first rapper to ghost ride the whip and rapped about ghost riding the whip in 2002. They played a big part of the Thizz and Hyphy movement.
"Sumthin Terrible, tell em how we come..." -Mac Dre Get Stupid, First verse
by Hyphy916 November 3, 2017
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When you are stunting for no particular reason and are trying to downplay it to make it seem that this is an everyday occasion .
example 1 :
Parker: Q What yall drinking tonight?

Me: All we have is red berry ciroc, patron and grey goose , sumthin slight .
Example 2 :

Jack: Q Where your car at ?

Me: I'm in the range rover aint feel like bringin out the lambo today , sumthin slight ..

Example 3:

Remond: Daggg you smash heather and Jessica in the same night ?

Me: Yeah , sumthin slight .
by Nedyal Lay Lay September 22, 2011
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A phrase of motivation to get someone to move on from just bitchin' to actually "do sumthin'"
Man #1: I'm sick of not getting shit done!
Man #2: Well, do sumthin'!
by ididsumthin November 14, 2010
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A name used to describe a black girl in the hood for whom you do not know her name
Damn girl, Sha-sumthin you just another shizizzle in the hood.
by Doubledllb May 25, 2006
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