"Ghostriding the whip is when you jump out of that motherfucker with the door open and you let that motherfucker coast"

please note:
When you ghost riding the whip " here in the streets its kind of dangerous, you got cars and shit, pedestrians all that shit all I'm saying is man you all be careful if you all going to try this shit and I suggest you don't try this shit man" (taken from a ghost rider himself)
Gangster pumping the sounds in his Range rover when he jumps out of his moving vehicle and starts ghostriding the whip shouting: "Yeah just so ya all know aint no one driving this motherfucking Range rover"
by Da Rider September 17, 2009
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A car trick, done by setting the car in neutral then allowing for the car to roll ahead or down a hill, while the driver walks along side the car to give an impression of a ghost driving the car, without letting it get out of control of course.
I was Ghost Riding The Whip when my car spun out and hit a pedestrian
by X3rok3wl July 16, 2006
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The act of mistakenly phrasing a sentence, then denying error by suggesting in non-verifiable terms that the act was simply the application a particular patois.
Ariel's friends noticed she was ghostriding the whip when she drunkingly defended "licking the frog" as an oft-used expression.
by Big Thunder June 26, 2006
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