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Suman, a person who is considered hot and is looked up to. all the ladies love him. when people see him they stand in shock.

Suman is hilarious and lovable. you can't stand but hug him.
Melany: OMG its suman.
Tania: Now way, hes so cute like a teddy bear.
by TheGreenEyedMonster November 21, 2010
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Attractive, intelligent girl who loves cream cheese icing. Is a night-time gal; she is incredibly out-going. She has sleek and wavy black hair. Especially good at philosophy of life.
Oh, there's Suman!

I had dinner with Suman last night.
by heliumgirl1234 October 13, 2011
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This human being is extremely strong minded, and stubborn. She has been through a lot of hardship but somehow she is still striving and surviving. She cannot go without the two most important people in her life- all three of them make a great friendship. Even though her jokes are worse than one of a 40-year old white father, she does have a great sense of humour... well.... as much as her "slowness" allows. oh BTW she is toxic and a stalker.... watch out! OH OH SIDE SIDE NOTE- she looks like Gru and BFG had a baby, but something went terribly wrong during the pregnancy;
" Suman istg if you dont stfu rn, imma actually drop-kick your gru looking ass right to the mf ground"
"Suman- wanna hear a joke.....everyone, everywhere- noooooooo"
" Is that Suman, watching me from the bushes?"
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by SUMANSSLOWNESS March 06, 2021
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some skinny indian who hates food.
and she is one proper peng gyal, u gets me mate u gets me?

Id tap that suman

Ooft mayn i need a suman in my lifeeeee
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someone who ejaculates prematurely
Adam: dam son, he nutted as soon as he saw that girl. what a suman!
Ben: yea, it just makes you wonder what would happen if a girl touched him
by thetruthchug April 05, 2017
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