Suman, a person who is considered hot and is looked up to. all the ladies love him. when people see him they stand in shock.

Suman is hilarious and lovable. you can't stand but hug him.
Melany: OMG its suman.
Tania: Now way, hes so cute like a teddy bear.
by TheGreenEyedMonster November 22, 2010
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Suman is very extraordinary girl. She is very kindhearted,trustworthy, bold and sweetest girl . She is the prettiest girl you'll ever meet. You can't resist her when she is around as she can drive you crazy.. She has many secrets inside. She is a good listener but she needs a listener too.. She has a good taste in music. If you have her in your life trust me you are the most lucky one.
Guy 1: hell ,, just look at her.

Guy 2: yeah suman.she is irresistible
by Messy ross November 26, 2021
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A beautiful but insecure girl . She’s a real heartbreaker. Stubborn with a strong mind. She’s notoriously very social, love to chatter, and this lady will dazzle everyone she meets. She's just naturally gifted and has the enviable knack of making everything she does look easy. A lady everyone loves.. she’s hard working and always gets what she wants.
I met Suman today and I can’t get her off my mind
by RealTalk686 November 23, 2021
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Suman is a really nice and kind person. She is open-minded and always happy to meet new people. She is also stubborn. Even though she knows a lot of people, she keeps her friends circle very small. Family comes first for suman. She hates people, who want to get to know her just because they are curious about her life. But if she starts liking you she will give her all energy and time for you. So value this friendship, otherwise she would cut off contact. Im not joking... Suman is an extrovert and an introvert. She loves having me-times and watching netflix but she also loves walking in the city with her loved ones. Chai Latte is her favourite drink. If she is nice to you, it doesn't mean she is flirting with you. And she is ALWAYS forgetful... not on purpose though. She is also afraid of dogs. She loves disney movies and all the classics such as "friends", "how i met your mother", "modern family" and "the 70s show". She would watch them all over again. So be prepared for that. Btw she is sometimes incompetent although she is organised.
"How you doing?", says Suman in a Joey Tribbiani move.
"Suman is always right"
"I heard Suman is stubborn", Suman: "Me??"
by thisgirliguess November 22, 2021
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some skinny indian who hates food.
and she is one proper peng gyal, u gets me mate u gets me?

Id tap that suman

Ooft mayn i need a suman in my lifeeeee
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she is a girl with a lovable nature,who is not only selfless but a person who is ready to help you when you are in need.A person with jokes bad enough to make you smile ,a person who can be a friend and a lover but never an enemy.
So isn't Nancy just like Suman.
Wish I was like Suman.
by Ch…ris November 22, 2021
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Awkward traditional Indian girl who tries not to be F.O.B.-ey and loves to party.

Usually overweight.
Damn, Sumans actually a big slut!
by razzzi December 13, 2009
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