'lucky one' or "the lucky one" is a term describing the person most fortunate in a particular circumstance or relationship
For Example: Mara is the lucky one, because Jessie is super funny, has cool hair and always treats her like she's the best girl in the world, even though she's a big nerd. It must be great to have such an awesome boyfriend.
by Izneth April 13, 2010
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the person in the relationship who is of greater benefit. they are so in love and believe that they are of the most fortunate amongst the world. He is loving, caring, protective and always fails to do something wrong.
Kirstin is the lucky one in the relationship. Her boyfriend is the best thing any girl has ever laid eyes on.
by ilovemybfx987654321 October 31, 2012
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Another story by the great Nicholas Sparks. very similar to his previous ones that it's so predictable what's gonna happen throughout the whole book. Also adapted into a movie like all his previous ones as well. Starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling, the movie expect us to feel that it's completely normal and usual to WALK from Colorado to Louisiana.
Girl 1: OMG did you watch the lucky one?
Girl 2: Yes and I thought I was watching Dear John !
by domatic September 2, 2015
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When you successfully ejaculate inside of the females' mouth, and manage to shoot a hot rod of semen pin point on the uvula, causing a gagging reflex. But right before she manages to spit out your unborn children ghosts, she also gasps for air and swallows in all your cum.

Afterward, she is usually phased from giving blowjobs, or having a dick inside her mouth for quite a while.
Dude my girl was giving me head last night, and I came so hard in her mouth, she nearly died threw up; She had one lucky swig.
by One job for a circumstance December 29, 2016
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