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It meanssomething
-“Hey, I bought ice cream!”
+“I thought you’re going to buy sum else...”
by darssi_m March 26, 2020
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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Slang for "something"; "some of"; "some of them";
a) You got s'um for me?

b) Can I have s'um dat please?

c) You can give s'um a break.
by itake4everrr January 11, 2006
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Sums is an acronym for Spontaneous Uncontrollable Masturbation Syndrome. Sums is caused by puberty, boredom, lack of action, high sex drive, hot people, ect. It is characterized by spontaneous and uncontrollable masturbation, often at inappropriate times such as at the park, when voting, or in line at the bank.
-"OMG look, he's doing it right there!"
--"He can't help it, he has sums"
-"he's my hero..."
by Mark Manivol February 24, 2008
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a lazy persons way of writing the word 'some' also one of those idiot who likes making things shorter by taking of the last letter of last few letters
some = sum
dumb = dum
some = sum
dumb = dum

person1:'whos that?'
person2:'oh, its just sum dum idiot'
by sum loser March 18, 2005
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It can be used as something or as some but really mostly to get booty pics from a girl or said when you got some pussy.
You heard that will got sum last night?

Hey wanna send sum?
by Snap-Zurmii13 July 09, 2019
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"and then, this guy sum, started crying like a big teddybear"
by Matt Smith August 04, 2004
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