"Mister grant, I really need a promotion...you see my mother is dying and I can't afford to..."
"Suck a dick"
*points to dick*
"Suck a dick"
"Oh...well if that's what it takes..."
*sucks dick while crying inside*
by Smokey October 29, 2003
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When your girl is being a pain in the ass you should tell her to do this. This is also a way for a girl to get something she wants. This method of swaying a mans judgement is almost 100% fool proof. The term may also be used to tell someone "No" instead of the always popular "Fuck you".
Girl 1: I asked scott to take me on a vacation and he said no.

Girl 2: Did you suck a dick?

Girl 1 :No,I'll give it a try though.

girl 2: You'll be goin on vacation,trust me.

example 2

guy 1 : Yo buddy, you think you can help me lift this heavy thing?

guy 2 : suck a dick, asshole!
by TV CAR March 6, 2010
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the insult used when someone roasted you and you dont know what to say
johnny: You are so poor that you run after a garbage truck with a shopping list.
by IAMTHICCYEET August 23, 2019
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The taking of the mouth around the male Phalic member (used on the first person) Ised as an insult.
Person-1 "Shut up)
Person-2 "hey suck this dick"
by L File May 28, 2016
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an exclamation; 1. can be used to show disappointment or surprise, 2. or as a retort (like fuck you/off)
1.Bob, "Damn! Someone keyed your car!" You," Suck-a-dick!"
2.Bob, "I can't believe you slept with that girl. She's ugly!" you, "Suck-a-dick!"
by Brad Sackmann March 7, 2008
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