Subversive politics: Subversion refers to an attempt to overthrow structures of authority, including the state. It is an overturning or uprooting. The word is present in all languages of Latin origin, originally applying to such diverse events as the military defeat of a city.

Subversive activity: Subversive activity is the lending of aid, comfort, and moral support to individuals, groups, or organizations that advocate the overthrow of incumbent governments by force and violence. All willful acts that are intended to be detrimental to the best interests of the government and that do not fall into the categories of treason, sedition, sabotage, or espionage are placed in the category of subversive activity.

And last but not least:
Subversive behavior: Subversive behavior is to undermine somebody with various trick (lies, cheats, backstabbing, false advice etc...) where the intent or goal is not visible at all.
The subversive person often assumes little responsibility and occupies a border position in the project. To the group says how bad is the management to the management says how bad is the group and to the big boss says how bad are both and how good is he and he should be made boss.
He's goal is to undermine the project so that it fails and he can emerge as the new knows it all leader.
by DeepSpaceFreelancer March 20, 2008
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Subversive is a newly coined term for emergeing youth that express themslves artistically through blending whats Socially Taboo/Underground and what is Mainstrem.

They also break free of any label they recive by what is oppisite to that particular label;

ie: If they like Death Metal they will listen to EuroPop and wear bright colours

Often mistaken for being Goths, Emos or whatever else is currently trendy. Subversives seek out the most extreme in cinema and music.

They dress in whatever they want. But some of the girls like to dress in perky-goth/pink attire. They are often labeled as Angsty, Psycho or Homicidal. However they are very well aware of the difference between shock-vaule art and real life.

Music typically consists of: Europop, Death metal, 70s/80s post-punk or goth rock, avant-garde
Emoboy1: Look at her, she's wearing pink!
Emoboy2: She sure is cute though, i'm gonna ask her out

Emoboy2 walks over to a Subversive girl, and sees that her school book is covered with pictures of murder porn and decayed corpses.

Emoboy2 runs away

Teacher to Subversive girl: I'm sorry but this is unacceptable.

Chavs: Oiii its a psycho braz!

Subversive girl: I have a right to artistic expression and freedom.
by ki$$-0f-De@+h June 03, 2007
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Anything that is figuratively and/or literally harmful and destructive.
figuratively: My ex-girlfriend is a subversive heifer!

literally: The middle eastern terrorists are all subversives!
by Piranha August 30, 2006
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Subverse is a word used to describe those who strive for a better and alternate reality then the one we currently live in. These are the underground anarchists who will start war in order to overpower distinct evils in the world.

Subversion refers to an attempt to transform the established social order, its structures of power, authority, exploitation, servitude, and hierarchy; examples of such structures include the state. It is an overturning or uprooting.

A subversive is something or someone carrying the potential for some degree of subversion.
The subverse culture will rise and cause havoc to the capitalist, consumer driven society.

A subversive man may partake in protest and war against those who are greedy.
by C.N.Green February 03, 2012
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(elaboration on existing word, in urbandic from the Left; from the Right:

> 1 a community of those who strive for a better and alternate reality than the corrupt one in which we currently live. These are the underground anarcho-capitalists who foment info-war in order to undermine distinct evils in the world, promulgated by wealthy, arrogant, callous elites, such as central banksters, corrupt politicians, and media-moguls.

> Subversion refers to a process aimed at transforming the established social order, its structures of power, authority, exploitation, servitude, deception, and secret hierarchy; examples of such structures include the nation, the state, secretive societies, agents of organized force (military), and agents of organized mind-control (mass-media). It is a counter-attack, overturning or uprooting of the Dominant Paradigm.

2 a subset of the universe; a local region with boundary separating it from some external forces such as impulse, stress, conduction, radiation, etc., while being influenced by other external forces so as to cause a local DECREASE in entropy, thereby causing an INCREASE of entropy in the external universe. This is made possible because entropy increases spontaneously, but decreases only by way of WORK done upon the subverse. Such work is always a combination of INFORMATION, allied with MATTER. Examples are DNA acting on chemicals to make life, and human-designed machines acting on metal, minerals, wood, plastic, etc. to create order.
Author Neal Stephenson supports subversion by creating a fictional subverse in his novels, and drawing attention to subversion directly.

A refrigerator is a subverse which cools its contents with electricity input, and heat-dispersing exchanger coils for output.
by adrifter February 10, 2018
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Subversive Desensitization, Refers to a process which covertly alters or changes a persons mind set, consequently transforming his or her perception of reality with regards to either Social, political or religious matters. Whereby rendering a person incapable of understanding or viewing a situation presented before them in a clear and rational manner.
Subversive Desensitization, is the ability for radical extremists either religious or political, in being able to deceive or manipulate the populace in submitting to there extremist ideology or doctrine. With out a person seeing or understanding its serious and potentially dangerous implications or consequences.
by Baron Neville March 06, 2014
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When there is a twist in a movie that has no build up, makes no sense and happens just to shock the audience.
Such a practice was created by Rian Johnson with his controversial movie, The Last Jedi.
Guy 1: Hey dude! Did you see that movie?
Guy 2: I did, and it was shit.
Guy 1: How so?
Guy 2: The characters are bland, and the movie does the Rian-Subversion too much.
Guy 1: Dear god...
by RicBoi2010 March 07, 2019
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