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To string together meaningless phrases to convince people that you are actually answering their question (see Palindrome).
She knew he was trumpsplaining, but after a while, it sounded good to her.
by HWM December 03, 2016

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When an event or disaster occurs that is of sufficient magnitude and general interest that everyone must get on the phone and tell everyone about it - what occurs in a public place is a ringtone symphony. You are sitting in a restaurant or concert and every phone in the place goes off all at once.
Last time there was an earthquake in SF, I was sitting in the restaurant when all f a sudden there was a ringtone symphony.
by HWM April 14, 2013

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The term for a collection or group of motorcycles gathered together in one place. Similar to other words used to indicate groups of things, such as a pod of whales, a flock of geese, a murder of crows, or a congress of baboons.
Looking out the window, I saw a sturgis of motorcycles proceeding down the road.
by HWM September 10, 2018

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an argument containing neither fact nor assertion, which is given verbosely and with an air of complete conviction.
Although the candidate said nothing of value, his palindromes were effective in swaying public opinion.
by HWM December 03, 2016

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