1) To engage in an activity with total commitment.
Tim: Are you going to wear your sleeveless polo tonight?
Matt: Oh I’m rockin’ that thing full throttle!

Matt: Yo yo! I’m goin to tizzy to scroltch some go-go juice, full throttle. If you want me to snag you some 12 oz curls you gotta gimme that mad mozzarella.
by A. Quick August 23, 2007
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Hey John, thinking of your mom makes me full throttle! I’d bend her over the table and beat her pussy up!
by PeteyPaplo October 20, 2018
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Brit. Slang

To engage fully, without restraint. ie. As when opening the throttle fully on motorbike to enable maximum velocity.


Hell for leather No holds barred
"Darling, can we at least have dinner before we go full throttle? Ronald and Betty have only just got here, and it seems a little hasty to get out the nipple clamps?"
by Omiou March 30, 2016
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To masturbate violently. Thus you "throttle" your genitalia at full power, like the engines of the Titanic before the climax/crash.
HotAss38: I'm gonna jerk it so goooood.

Venison93: Yeah, go full throttle on it baby. Yeah. Venison likes his dick stroked.
by venisonlackspenis February 28, 2010
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When you rub your phallic organ and ejaculate at maximum capacity at a speed ranging from mach 2 to 5, causing a heavenly spray of white goo and possible internal organ rupture depending on the target. Commonly misused with "maximum overdrive", when you go full throttle you know your dick wont recover for a few weeks. Common symptoms include your balls looking like a deflated parachute for a few days.
"Jesus Stacy, what happened to your face?"
"Chad went full throttle on me last night."
by 1-900 December 12, 2016
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Advanced formula version of whup-ass. Used in shutting up a person in the form of violence
Saints had her boss Kenna get a can of full-throttle off the shelf, and he used it on the customer. For harrassing Saints
by Saints September 10, 2003
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a way to warm up a pussy before sex, you hold your hand in the position or way you would hold the throttle of a motorcycle grip with your thumb sticking out wet with spit and act like you are giving the motorcylce gas with a twisting motion but you do this to her clitoris.
Lastnight before she rode hard, I warmed her up with the full throttle.
by Big Bean Dip November 28, 2006
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