Big dick energy.
Subtle, sexy confidence; confidence without cockiness
That guy has so much BDE
by vcsik June 28, 2018
BDE is the acronym for "Big Dick Energy". if you have confidence but aren't cocky about it, you have BDE. if you are a tryhard about it, then you don't radiate BDE.
most of the people who searched up "BDE definition" just to nod their head and say "that's me", even though they aleady knew the definition, most likely are tryhards with no BDE.
by blakenotblockay June 15, 2019
short for Big Dick Energy (from Vox): the complete security of not needing other people’s benchmarks — wealth, intelligence, beauty, or a BD — to know one’s own worth.

Any suspicion of tryhard vibes kills BDE, as does the kind of cockiness that speaks of insecurity: the true BDE-haver is respectful to those around them, but with swagger. Someone with BDE will never text an unsolicited dick pic, because it would simply never occur to them.
by shadowscapes July 21, 2018
Big dick energy. Subtle, sexy confidence; confidence without cockiness.
by Didde April 2, 2019
It’s a whole vibe. It’s a way of life. It’s a mindset. It’s an ability. A lifestyle. It’s a mantra. It’s a legacy. It’s the Notorious BDE Beverages.
I tried BDE Beverages for the first time in my life and felt like I had superpowers.
by bdelife September 9, 2022
You know Pete Davidson got that BDE!

Rihanna might not have a dick but she has that BDE!
by Shayknowseverything June 27, 2018