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Someone that says something then changes there mind
Samuel - you coming mine to get wavy??

Stunter - Yh Yh g... Naa actually I can't
by T67K June 06, 2015
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A person that performs tricks and skilled maneuvers on a street motorcycle.
Did you see that guy pull off that mad circle wheelie?
Ya, he is a stunter with the skills.
by KungFu April 04, 2005
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Stunting, stunters the act of ditching. usually used by stoners to explain people who didnt "come through". to be ditched or someone who promises and lies. in other words they are cunts who cant be trusted
"he stunted on me after i waited 6 hours" "nick is a stunter dont count on him"
by ihatestunters August 16, 2011
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An extreme motorycle exhibitionist pilot. Someone who has completely mastered the art of pushing a lightweight motorcycle beyond the realm of what most thought impossible. made famous by the AdrenalineBoyz, Kyle Woods, Darius Kashabi, Aaron Twite, Street fighters, Bill Dixon, and Tandem Tom, who push the sport to become a main stream sport.
The AdrenalineBoyz has a stunter who is truly amazing! Most only wish they could be a real stunter!
by Adrenalineboyz lover April 07, 2009
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A community of motorcycle riders who enjoy performing 'stunts', or extremely dangerous tricks on their motorcycles.

Stunters tend to use lightweight crotch rocket motorcycles in order to do their stunts, because they are easy to toss around (primarily because of their weight).

Typical stunter tricks are wheelies, which entails leaning to the rear of the bike while accelerating in order to lift the front wheel off of the ground and maintain rear wheel balance for as long as possible (also known as a 'catwalk'). Also popular is the stoppie, which is where the motorcycle's front brake lever is pulled while the rider leans forward, bringing the bike to a stop with the rear wheel off the ground (eventually it must fall back down though).

Despite how 'cool' stunters may seem, many of them choose to perform such acts on public roads and highways. This is not only VERY dangerous for themselves and the other riders and cagers around them, but this also consequently causes insurance rates for motorcyclists to be as high as they are. Stunting is a huge factor in the enormous insurance costs for bikes all over North America.
Look at those stunters, pulling wheelies on the 401... These idiots are the reason I have to pay $3000 a year to insure one motorcycle. I hope they hit a brick wall.
by Zack S. February 27, 2004
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Someone, usually a black person or a wigger, who stunts

Not to be confused with stunner which means something totally different
50 Cent's a stunter!
by Home slice June 18, 2005
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