Twite is not a word. It isnt even real slang. A couple of slow friends of mine thought that is what British people say as a statement of agreement. It does not mean ANYTHING and you sound like a complete ass when you use it.

Also, people might think you are calling them a twat. Another reason not to use it.
"Man that movie was sweet"
"...What the Hell did you call me"
"Nothing I just said twite!"
"I hate you."
by Fraser91 January 23, 2008
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Synonym of other words of accordance. Shortens up phrases and makes you sound a hell of a lot smarter than you actually are. (Be sure to pronounce it "Tw-eye-t" so people don't think you're calling them a twat).
If I were a british person, I would say "twite" instead of "hmmm, yes i see what you're trying to say there and you have a decent point."
by Jazmin007 November 24, 2007
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The act of posting on Twitter while simultaneously defecating in the toilet, usually on your mobile phone.
"For Gods' sake hurry up in there, I'm burstin for a piss!"

"Be with you in a moment love, just having a twite"
by Sinbadian July 6, 2012
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Being too white.
Hai gurl imma needja to holla atcha boi on mah personal phone. I can't be tellin you all the dirty things I want on hur gurl you know they be tracking my shit. All up in my bidness all up in my bidness. 
-what's that all about?
Fool whatchu talkin 'bout? You read you read! Whatchu twite to understand fool you dumb.
by Ian and Cara November 21, 2011
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to get confused, or wrong

New Artsit (i.e. E-40) use this type of slang now.
Don't get it twited, I aint gotta take you no where.

You must got me twited, i aint wit dat mess.

You getting it twited, I aint you man.
by Jai102389 January 20, 2009
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