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1. The yuppie infested armpit of Colorado.
2. A suburb south of Denver where it is manditory to own the largest sport utility vehical that you can possibly afford to compete with your neighbors oversized SUV even though you have no need for one.
3. A place to go to get judged by others for what you own, do for a living, and how your lawn looks.
I live in Highlands Ranch, sure it's more expensive but it's sure woth it for it's social status. Speaking of social status, have you seen my enormous Ford Excursion I have no idea how to drive it but boy it's sure better than my neighbors land rover.
by KungFu April 04, 2005
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80s term. means a person that will definatly give you sex, no excuses, no ifs ands or buts. Sex is imminant
Bro I'm going over to heathers house later, she is a sure thing
by KungFu April 05, 2005
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1. Short for Home Owners Association.
2. Lawn Nazis
3. The masters of bitching, whining and complaining world wide.
4. What happens to dorks when they grow up
5. People who charge you money so they can tell you what to do with your property so you can please everyone else exept you.
6. mentally challenged
7. Where people go when they are too lazy to do anything productive
8. Above the law
I just got the Highlands Ranch H.O.A. bill and it's 110.00 and they want me to paint my house a new color
by KungFu April 04, 2005
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an embarassing moment where suddenly your face blushes quickly and you can actually feel yourself blush. Sometimes accompanied with a sudden dropping feeling in your stomach.
We were at a party and I figured I could sneak out a fart but just as I did the music stopped and I got a serious hot flash.
by KungFu April 05, 2005
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The foundation of all sportbikes. The CBR "fireblade" produced by Honda is one of the top selling sporbikes world wide. Extreemly high build quality and a perfect blend of Power and Flickability. The Fireblade is also credited for being one of the top machines in racing and extreme stunt riding. Many critics say that without the fireblade sportbikes would be no where near what they are today.
The Honda fireblade is a fantastic motorcycle.
by KungFu April 01, 2005
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A person that performs tricks and skilled maneuvers on a street motorcycle.
Did you see that guy pull off that mad circle wheelie?
Ya, he is a stunter with the skills.
by KungFu April 04, 2005
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A millitary term used by the U.S.M.C. Meaning Loud and Clear for two reasons but the most improtant is that it sounds cool and official.
How copy?
Lima charlie
by KungFu April 04, 2005
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