A word used to describe a person who is showing off or trying to get attention by performing an elaborate act or stunt and being someone they aren't
"Dean was really stunting today when he tried to jump over those boxes infront of those babes"

"Stop stunting man, we all know you can't actually skate"

Ben"Did you see me do that backflip Molly?"

Molly "ahh, stop stunting, you fell off that diving board you spaz"
by Artline March 30, 2010
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Someone who is pretending to be something they are not i.e. posing.
Damn girl, I need to find a nigga that ain't a mother flippin' playa who be stuntin'.
by DHurrikane February 2, 2003
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stunt means to floss, others say flex wich means to show off your shit like cars, jewelery, clothes and show that your getting money ..... also stunt means to tell somebody youre gonna do something .. and you end up not coming through. youre a "stunt" .. you tell a girl youre gonna take her on a date and you end up standing her up, blowing her off .... you stunted on her
"7 days trappin man im stunting on these bitches" waka flocka
by PushinhardDR87 January 13, 2012
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no stunts means you don't believe in any stunts(holivia, hamille, haylor, elounor, louinelle, +louis' paternity) this term is used in one direction fandom. no stunt larries believe harry and louis are together (+gay).
stan 1: wait are you a no stunts?
stan 2: i am! you too?
stan 1: ofc i am
stan 2: wanna make out?

stan 1: hell yes mf
by louiewhofuckedyourmom July 2, 2021
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To stunt is to floss or show off. When somebody's tryin' to stunt, the playa is trying to show off all he's got.
"You can stunt if you want and your ass'll get rolled on" - 50 cent
by Emmanuel March 4, 2004
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To be made a fool of (ignored, rejected etc)
"ooooh he left u hangin' u been stunted!!"
by lilray_ray21 June 13, 2004
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Someone who makes plans with someone else sounding very firm and reassuring and on the day of or hour of simply doesn't show up or/and disappears.
Damn what a stunt, told me he was gonna come by and pick me up so we can go clubbing and stunts, he wont even answer my texts or pick up the phone
by bright-light October 20, 2011
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