Floridans, spelled without the additional “ i ” found in Floridians are a sub-group of Florida residents. Every Floridan is a Floridian, but not every Floridian is a Floridan. All Floridians share Florida as their home but Floridans share something more; a heritage, ideology, dialect, and culture that is distinctly Southern. Many members of this group are often what some call "True Natives" or "Generational Floridians" who can trace their lines back to the indigenous Southern pioneers and Florida’s Confederate Veterans. Members of the group are often politically and culturally conservative and most practice a Protestant faith. They likely favor states’ rights, gun rights, family values and are highly patriotic. Most are well-mannered and friendly and maintain a heightened respect for authority. Floridans like their tea sweet and enjoy the same foods that most Southerners enjoy, like fried chicken, cheese grits and hush puppies. While Floridians share the state of Florida as their home, Floridans share a heritage that is as distinctly Florida as it is Southern.
Some Famous Floridans are Ray Charles, Lynard Skynard’s Ronnie Van Zant, Allen Collins, and Gary Rossington, Mel Tillis, The Bellamy Brothers, John Anderson and Easton Corbin.
by RealFloridaBoy March 29, 2011
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A misspelling/mispronunciation of the word Floridian. A person from Florida is a Floridian. Floridan is a mistake made by ignorant and uneducated people.
That guy Billy Bob keeps calling himself a Floridan. I can't tell if he's stupid or just drunk.
by ajfl September 18, 2016
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When one person (high on meth), sticks there head in another person (also high on meth)'s asshole. the meth may be substituted for crack as crackhead strength can help with the "jamming"
Mark, "the other night I got Fucked up and gave Miles a Floridan Flamingo!"
Dave, "Dude, get help."
by Mitch Tiddylicker February 12, 2020
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