A female on the internet who has been so desensitized to daily online harassment and misogyny that it becomes entertaining.
"That girl Natalie got called a thot so much that she became a stryker"
by GoodiesHQ May 8, 2017
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Name. Extreme swagg. Mad ass flow. Such a bro. Chillest nigga you'll ever meet.
dude that nigga has so much Stryker.
by xBlumpkinZz January 19, 2011
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A Stryker is an eight wheeled, armored personnel carrier, developed by the U.S. army. Designed to replace the (tracked)M2/M3 Bradley, it is much faster and has much better performance on highways and in urban environments than previous apc's. The Stryker comes in many forms and are commonly used not only as a troop movement vehicle but also an ambulance or even as a light tank. It is equipped with thick amour, a cage to repel RPG's, and can be fitted to mount an array of weapons systems ranging from the 7.62 mm minigun, to two 40mm grenade launchers, to the 105mm m1a1 tank cannon.
While on route to the target, our Stryker was hit with an RPG and we continued to drive unflustered.
by LTC Fiori August 21, 2008
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Absolutely the best Fortnite player in the whole entire world. Stryker is a straight savage in the Battle Royale Island
God! Stryker is really good at Fortnite!
by ∩ ɯoɯ ɓɐʎ December 17, 2018
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An Army vehicle, full summary of the vehicle available here Stryker.

What's cool about this lil fella is that it is one of the only vehicles in Army history named after a soldier, not a famous general. The Stryker is named in honor of Spc. Robert F. Stryker, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Vietnam War, and Pfc. Stuart S. Stryker, who received the award for his actions during World War II. Both men were killed in action.
That goofy looking wheeled vehicle with armor all around it is the Stryker.
by infantryscoming August 9, 2010
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A fucking gay ass nigga. 0 hoes, 0 bitches and definitely short asf. Nobody like him cuz he a fuck nigga.
by thomasAdams March 25, 2023
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Canadian slang for a prospective gang member. To gain admission, a Stryker must make a hit on someone, get jumped in, or destroy property.
"Is he styking for the gangs?"
by Indian Posse July 20, 2005
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